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Heated Floor Projects - Completed and In Progress

HFS offers free proposals for any size radiant heating system to Contractors and Home Builders. The process is simple; this is what HFS will do in building a proposal for your customer’s new radiant heating system.

  • First, we perform a heat loss calculation to help determine your options.
  • We determine the best layout of the PEX tubing and manifold location(s).
  • We will assist you in choosing a heat source (boiler, water heater, etc.) based on the heat loss, customer preference, and project design.
  • How many zones are either needed or the customer requests.
  • Give a written proposal with different options priced separately.

To achieve the best results for your proposal, Heated Floor Systems, Inc. will request a scale drawing of your project.

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Our client is extremely happy with the installed heated floor system throughout their home, and the tankless water heater you installed. It has saved them room and a boatload of money!

- Neil T.

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